Stop Stressing About Your Stumps

Get stump removal in the Ontario, CA area

Are you ready to finally get rid of the unsightly stumps on your property? You can remove them easily with stump grinding services from Fernando's Tree Service in Ontario, CA. We'll grind your stumps below ground level, fill the holes with mulch and stump shavings and clean up the remaining debris.

If you get tree removal from us, stump removal is included. You can also depend on us to remove pre-existing stumps in your yard. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.

3 reasons to remove stumps

3 reasons to remove stumps

Stumps can keep you from taking full advantage of your yard. You should get stump grinding services to:

  1. Prevent insect and pest infestations
  2. Create more space for recreational activities
  3. Plant grass, flowers or other vegetation in the resulting space

You're sure to love the improved look and functionality of your landscape once we've taken care of your stumps. Call us now at 909-723-0588 to schedule stump removal.